Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Volleyball Player turned Beauty Queen?

Okay volleyball fans, your up! Michelle Gumabao, one of our premiere Volleyball players who played for La Salle will join the roster for Bb. Pilipinas 2018!

Michelle who is Michele Theresa Gumabao in real life is daughter of fame character actor, Dennis Roldan and sister to Marco Gumabao, an up and coming actor. She was also part of the Pinoy Big Brother franchise, but she is more known as a volleyball player and as co-captain of De La Salle's Volleyball team, The Lady Spikers. 

Michelle Gumabao Facebook 

I think she looks fit for the role. Grabbed a photo from her Facebook page... Take a quick look on the left. I think she has a good fighting chance body and face-wise... I just hope that nerves won't get the better of her during the competition. If she is as cool on the volleyball court, then I think she will make it!

What do you think? Will she be the next Pia Wurtzbach?

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

New Movie of Anne Curtis: "Buy Bust"

Wow! Seems like a good movie from Anne Curtis. #BuyBust. Looks good, I like it.. dark, brooding film that shows a different Anne and fresh from her wedding to Erwan Heusaff, I'm sure her fans are excited to see this movie.

I'm not exactly a fan, but I like her and Showtime shows off her corny side while her other movies showed off dramatic prowess and now this shows the action star in her.

Love it!!! Go Anne!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Perhaps It Was Meant to Be...

So we just concluded our "celebration" for Fr. Joel's 1st Death Anniversary... As part of our campaign to gain more exposure and funds for our foundation, we ran a cellphone raffle promo, we drew the lucky ticket on the 13th, at the end of our celebration. 

So someone named "Franny Dorado" won the Oppo F5 Selfie Series cellphone and I personally wasn't aware of the story but it seemed like him winning was indeed a blessing... 

Sir Franny is a UV Express driver and a few weeks back, he tried to purchase a cellphone, an Oppo cellphone from a local store under a financing agency, but unfortunately their loan request was declined. They went home very disappointed but what can they do, they just accepted that perhaps it wasn't time for them to have a cellphone. 

I believe God really has a plan. I think God did not allow them to get a cellphone on loan because He will be blessing them with the win! We believe that the phone was really FOR HIM, Why? because he only bought 1 TICKET and out of all the tickets there, it was his that was drawn. Can you believe it? A blessing indeed!!!

We are very very happy for sir Franny and we are glad we can be a blessing for Christmas for him and his family in the form of the cellphone win.  

CONGRATULATIONS, sir Franny!!!  

May God bless you even more 

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

On Your 1st Death Anniversary...

Exactly on this day and hour, you were taken from us... Abruptly... So quickly... 

We questioned why, we blamed even blamed you for your neglect of yourself. But ultimately we all realized, God has a plan, we may not have understood exactly what it was, but indeed he had a plan. 

He took you from us, with all plans hanging in the balance, with everything else left to chance... but He gave us the strength to move forward, the idea to push your ideal forward. We learned about ourselves, and others too, but mostly, we learned about you. 

About your endless love for your brethren... how you were a priest most of all. With all your shortcomings, mistakes, and all that, one thing was for certain, you touched the lives of so many people with your generosity, love for others and a kind and giving heart. I realized that even after you died, many of us, will never ever forget you. Many of us who remains here living will always have a void in our hearts left by your passing. 

I know that you are happy where you are, content and excited for what we are doing to preserve your legacy and continue to help. perhaps that is the most precious gift you have given me... the means to be able to help others, the opportunity to help, which wouldn't have really been that deep or involved lest you had lived. 

I miss you. I miss your laughter. I miss your homilys. I miss your advise. How I wish you were still here to help guide my spiritual life, but alas, you've gone home, so early to the Father and I know that your place is there now. Continue to pray for me, for us, for the foundation we built on your behalf, for all the projects we are planning. I hope one day, you will smile down from heaven and see the fruits of all our labors and the plans you have left half-baked come to fruition. 

Sunday, October 08, 2017

Keeping the Faith

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I am not the religious type... I don't go to mass everyday, but I get my share over the weekends (LOL) I serve 3 masses in our parish as lector/commentator. But yeah, I'm not that religious... I don't go around quoting bible verses every chance I get, I don't go condemning the sinner because I am a righeous person and I have no faults....

To certain extents I am an honest person, I mean I don’t have any pretenses about myself, what I am and what I am not. I know that I am not perfect and my temper can get the better of me, most of the time, I’m lazy in a sense that if there’s work to be done I’ll gladly pass it on to someone who will do it for me (ahem ahem...nudge my hubby LOL) and every now and then, a lie or two can escape my lips before I have the chance to stop it.

I have somehow learned to accept who I am, who I am not and not pretend otherwise. I have learned to leave most of it upto God, although I would say that sometimes I forget or maybe even deliberately push Him out of the picture. But I know my faith is in the right place, that I know God is always with me...I try, in my littlest capacity, to place God first and try to leave things upto to His great plan and do my best to live this life to the best I possibly can. God’s goodness is infinite and so far He hasn’t let me down yet.

There are still a lot of things I wish I can do, and I know that He is here to help me, guide me, in everything I will do, so I know that my time will come, all in God’s perfect time...

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