Thursday, July 20, 2017

Random "Poetry"

Never imagined life without you
Never thought we would part
Never thought life will be so incomplete
Never dreamed that time will be cut so short.

Missing simple conversations, short meaningful talks
Who would have thought that in a short a time,
you would make such a profound impact
In a life you've so unknowingly touched

Life is so short as you fondly told
Make it meaningful, fruitful
I want to, and follow your lead 
But I don't know how, not sure which steps to take
Unsure of the next move to make

It's not easy without you guiding the path
It's not as simple as I thought it will be
It's not as easy had you been here

But life moves forward
Even as your memory fades, hard as I try to grasp it so tightly
Guide from where you are, Direct as you see fit
All I hope now,
is to continue and move forward
hoping to make you proud
hoping to accomplish all goals as was tasked.

Blowing in the wind, a simple whisper
to not forget me over yonder
as I continue to remember
here where I stand,
the you that will always be
a friend so dear to my heart

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