Tuesday, June 06, 2017


So I've been engaged to write a few articles for a blog...

But right now, I'm coming up with blanks... I feel like my mind isn't working to get it to writing articles worth paying for. LOL!

I need to refresh and refuel myself.. the creative juices simply aint' flowing. My thoughts are scrambled and I need to organize them or else I'm dead meat... I know what I want to write about, I know that my heart is in it, but the fingers just wouldn't do the typing...

I want to grab inspiration from somewhere, but I'm at a loss to where and I can't seem to find myself and right now my mind is just full of stress and worry that I know I shouldn't be feeling... I know I should feel the calmness that being with the Lord should bring about, but the stress is getting to me and I know that I should work to pray and trust in the Lord, and I will do that, I will do my best to believe and trust in what the Lord has planned.

Teach me Oh Lord.
Teach me to come to You in times of distress
Teach me to come to You in times of blessedness

Teach me to come to You in times of lonliness
Teach me to come to You in times of happiness

Teach me to come You always
Happy or sad, joyful or troubled

Teach me to know that You are always with me
Wherever I am, Whatever I do and However I'm feeling.

Thank you Lord for Your continued love even in times when I feel like You have forgotten me, remind me that I am Your Child and You are my Father and You will never ever leave my side.

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