Thursday, May 18, 2017

Feeling the Monotony

It seems that life for me has become stagnant... doing the same things over and over... I'm really not content with what is happening with my life. I'm feeling the monotony, the status quo... I need a change real soon or else, I think I'll go craaazzzy.... LOL

I am working hard to get to Canada to attend my brother's wedding... I'm praying for the best and am hoping that I will get there soon enough.

Financially speaking, we are still on the same boat, with a few blessings here and there, an answered prayer here and there, I know I need to be content with the life we have, with what we have, but if I have to be honest, I want more.. I need more. I need to push harder to get to where I want and where I want my kids to be at, at the same time... God is good, I know He listens and I know that I will get there soon enough.

I'm trying out new things... and hopefully I will get to that special niche God has for me soon... Let's pray for the best...

Sorry guys.. this is just me rambling on.. my head is so full that I don't know which way to go now, so I want to try to organize my thoughts and hopefully, get there (AGAIN??? ) soon enough...

See I really want to go places and explore life.. but responsibilities hinder me and I know that there are things that needs to be prioritized, but I will get there soon enough...God is good I know he will guide me. I know He is directing my path and I will go where He sends me...

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