Sunday, April 30, 2017

Make Your Home Your Refuge

Today begins the Novena masses for the upcoming Parish Fiesta (May 9) and Fr. Jeff Quintela con-celebrated with Fr. Jigs over the mass...

His homily was very enlightening.... really gave me some thoughts to ponder. The gospel today was The Road to Emmaus, where 2 disciples walking away from Jerusalem met Jesus and they didn't recognize him until the breaking of the bread... and to bump the theme of the Fiesta, communion of communities and the thought of the day, peace within the family, he said some very profound things that made me think as well...

Our family isn't perfect, but it should be our refuge... home is where we should feel right, well, at home... where we can go when we feel down, where we can go when we're happy, a refuge... The home should be the place we want to run to every time. It should be where we want to be. It should be where we find our most peace,  the embrace of those we love and the sanctuary where we can always go to.

He said that our home is our first government, where rules to be followed are set forth and where we also got our first consequence for wrong done. it is our first school where we are taught, how to properly conduct ourselves among other people, how to become a good person overall. The home is also our first church, where we are first taught to pray, where we first learn about God, about Jesus.

I find everything he says is true and that there are a few areas where we need to work on... a few instances when the home isn't the refuge its supposed to be.There are a few kinks that we need to iron out, a few things we would need to rethink our strategies upon.

God is good and His mercy endures forever..

I don't have a perfect family, far from it perhaps as I myself am such an imperfect being but God through His infinite goodness will remain merciful and by His Grace, I know one day, my home will be the refuge we all deserve. 

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