Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Write to Write

Okay... so yet again, I decided to write and write and write... whatever thought comes to mind, I should write.. get my creative juices flowing yet again.... It's not as easy or as simple as I wish since I think all the juice has been sipped out of me but I will keep trying, I will keep persevering until this dream of mine finally becomes a reality...

It is only sad though that I feel like the people I love are suffering because of this dream, because of my inactivity, so with the Lord's guidance, grace and mercy, perhaps one day I will finally make this dream of earning from a blog a reality.

I need to get my faculties straight, plan ahead or lest I find myself in a deep hole once more and just a step away from my goal. I want to do this... do this for good...

God help me!

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