Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Thoughts on PREX

Last weekend was something...

I joined an PREX seminar - Parish Renewal Experience...Wow! the experience was overwhelming to say the least. It was a roller coaster ride, laughter, tears, sorrow, pain even but at the end of the weekend I feel rejuvenated.

I was hesitant to attend at first, thinking it was another one of those dragging, boring, religious things, but I'm glad that I was proven wrong and I felt a renewed sense of Christianity, something that everybody I think can benefit from. It is a good experience and something I hope to share with my hubby soon.

I discovered a lot of things about myself and some of the people I work with in church. It was enlightening and I gained if only a minute understanding of these people and maybe I can put that to good use when I work with them inside the parish

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