Thursday, January 26, 2017

Fr. Joel's Foundation - A Legacy To Continue

I have embarked on a new journey with those who loved Fr. Joel to continue his legacy. We are in the process of opening up (if that's the term) a foundation under his name, where we will care for those he cared for. The foundation plans to give out scholarship grants or just a little help to assist students in their studies, as well as promote livelihood programs and continuing education to our needy brethren.

Father Joel has always had a heart for the poor, as I said in a previous post, and we would like to continue his plans, even though he is gone, we want his name to live on and by creating and making the foundation move, hopefully we will be able to do just that

It's a wonderful feeling to know that we will be able to help the poor out and we can continue what Fr. Joel Buenviaje has started. There is a feeling of fear because we don't know how successful we will be, but I am hopeful and and I am confident that the Lord will guide us always and that Fr. is just there, looking down on us and seeing what we are doing will continue to pray for us and for the success of the foundation dedicated to him.

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