Thursday, January 05, 2017

A Promise To Keep

Fr.Joel left us just almost a month ago, the memory of him, even his death slowly fading out, the pain dulling a bit but his absence still very much felt. His legacy still a quest to be continued.

I remember when we talked about opening a nursing home for the abandoned, how he wanted the old, forgotten ones to felt cared for and for them to leave this earth with dignity.

I also remembered making a pledge to him, a promise that I will help him with this endeavor to my utmost capacity. We also talked about opening a charity clinic at the pastoral center, something I too pledged to help with...then there's the drug rehab program we wish to implement in our parish and how we want to help not only the drug dependents themselves but their family as well... So many plans... so many things left undone.

 Here I am now, at a loss... groping on the dark, wondering how to keep my promise, how to keep his legacy alive. With the new parish priest lurking in the horizon, his plans a big question, do I dares hope that I can keep the promise made to my dearly departed friend?

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