Friday, January 20, 2017

40 days...

I have refrained from posting much about Fr.Joel and his death as I didn't want to jump on the bandwagon on sympathies and sorrow over his death plastered over everybody's wall.

But his 40 days is coming up, a mass will be held for this on Sunday and then I know as with any other deaths, with this our final goodbye, his memory will surely fade to a distance and him, his work, everything will soon be just that, a memory. Those close to him will fondly recall an anecdote or two, we will laugh as we remember his fiery temper, his "beast modes," his penchant for being late, his pranks especially those who lived with him in the convent, his jokes and of course his giggles that shook his entire body... then we will be solemn, thinking about the "what ifs" if he had lived, and feel, yet again, the sadness and sorrow of his passing, a tear may even be shed by a few.   Then the pain will slowly dull and he will just be another notch in death's victory pole.

As life slowly returns to normal, as the new parish priest of Nuestra takes his place, we will also see what course the parish will now take, what projects remain, what will be scrapped. What changes will occur if any... Who will remain and who will say goodbye. Life though returns to normal will never be the same.

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