Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Writing Anew

Its been a while since I last let my pen do my talking
A while since I let my mind wander
and allow the words to flow from my head to my hands and down to paper... well on screen for this matter.

My mind is a jumble, refusing to let a coherent thought flow on paper
A chaos that refused to be stilled,
I try to write, I try to put in paper the jigsaw that is in my mind
but it wouldn't, it wouldn't dare put on paper
All that's on my mind

the writing stopped.
the pen refused to cry
the mind refuse to think
the hands refuse to glide

here I am again, attempting to put into words, thoughts that form in my head.
perhaps bring some clarity into this chaos
perhaps allow my mind some ease, by taking away the burden of thought
bringing with it peace, solace

Thoughts in Solitude will remain, a thought amidst the jumble of ideas, swimming amidst that fluid of my mind and perhaps, maybe, just maybe, someone will be the better for it. 

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