Friday, October 21, 2016


Freedom.. Indeed what is it? 

Is freedom, doing whatever you want, whenever you want? Regardless of the circumstance? Regardless of the consequence? 

Is it going out at any time you want, even in the dead of the night, just because? 
Is it demanding money from someone because you want it? 
Is it not having to discipline yourself to do something simply because you're too lazy to do it and not getting punished or getting any negative consequence because you didn't do it... 
Is it doing something bad and getting away with it and not expecting any punishment because you are free? 

How do you define freedom? 

And shouldn't freedom come with responsibility and the realization that real freedom is not being able to do what you want when you want to but being able to do what is right and just and having the happiness and contentment that what you did was for the better good... 

There so much I want to say regarding this topic but my blood is boiling over and I can't think straight at the moment... 

I will delve on this subject a bit more in a little while and I might even let you in on why this sudden tirade regarding freedom... 

Talk soon   


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