Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I Asked, You Answered

It is really quite funny how God works right?

Tonight was our monthly Leccom meeting and I wasn't as excited for it as I was the previous months. I was somewhat disappointed a few days back after being yet again scolded for a few not necessarily wrong things done but hey, its for the improvement of the service and the whole Eucharistic celebration, so I'm all for it. And then after having been given a lukewarm advice from someone I thought will take the time out to really think about what to tell me, given that I it is a burden that I carry and would like to unload...

I contemplated leaving my service, of giving up and stuff... I came early to church to pray and contemplate a little, though it wasn't as solemn as I hoped it would be. I prayed for guidance and admitted to God that I was really disappointed and wanted to quit. For Him to give me a sign that this is the right path I'm in, that quitting isn't an option for me.

So what happens? The very person I thought didn't like me and didn't believe in my capacity pushed me towards being the groups secretary. She was the one who said, why not take over that pose.. you can do it. And so, in the end, I became the groups secretary.

So God indeed is mysterious in His ways. Just when I thought of quitting, here He goes and gives me a responsibility.

I'm blessed and happy that in the simplest way possible, God was able to answer my prayers with a clarity, no one can mistake.

Yea, so onward Christian soldier! You still have a lot of things to do


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