Thursday, January 28, 2016

A First of Random Thoughts This New Year

Yes, it's late... almost to the end of January.. but hey, its still the first month of the year right? So I still made it for a new random post for the "new" year :)

Anyways, most of my posts are random thoughts, rants and raves at times but mostly the blog is nothing to note of, nothing to really fuss about.. for most people but for me they're all my thoughts put into writing. It may be a chaos but well, I guess that's my mind..

But this year, I will endeavor to write more fully and more of, with thought. I want to share my life without thinking of it. I want to write my thoughts in ways that are fully understood, perhaps still a bit cryptic to protect identities but I will strive to tell you my story in a more concise yet animated way and hopefully still you will find lessons and relate to the stories as I tell them...

Thanks for always being here at my blog and hopefully we can interact more soon

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