Wednesday, October 14, 2015

New York Permit Expediters: Why The Need for Them?

Filing Representatives or Permit Expediters abound in New York. You see them running around the DOB daily and with the construction industry booming, you'll continue to see them help clients, contractors, architects, engineers and building owners file necessary applications for all their construction needs.

So why do we need these New York Permit Expediters?

Despite the Department of City Planning's best efforts, a Zoning Resolution for a city as complicated as New York is bound to be equally complicated. The NYC Zoning Resolution is a document which can take years to master.

Even seasoned Architects find it difficult to determine if their design is in full compliance. For this reason, many Architects and Developers employ a full-time expert in Zoning to navigate the confusion, and to free the hands of the Architect to design.

Who Do You Call?

P. Wolfe Consultants, Inc., is a premier New York City Permit Expediter  and has been helping Architects and Developers solve complex Zoning issues on major NYC Construction Projects for 25 years now.

They offer such services as building conversion/addition feasibility, maximum development studies, review of plans for Zoning compliance, and full Zoning approvals with the Department of Buildings, File various applications for new buildings, alterations, even demolitions and major plumbing works. They also offer owners representative services

If you have a construction project in mind and is at a loss with the construction process then you need a permit expediter to help you get through them. Get the best and call P.Wolfe and you'll surely get valuable service for your money.

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