Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Facing Challenges

Challenges no matter how small or how big poses a threat to the path we have chosen to go through. And life is not without a fair amount of it.

Challenges can come in all forms and sizes.

It can come in the form of a criticism from a peer. A financial burden. Something or someone that may have hurt us or anything that can hinder us from moving forward and allow us to dwell on something that is not helpful nor productive.

It is so easy to say, get over it or move on or just don't mind it or don't mind them but it is not so easy to do and often times we find ourselves in the thick of the situation and can't seem to find a way to get out, regardless of how we believe we "try"

But truth is, we can indeed move out of it and can let go, it is a decision we need to make, a personal decision to be happy.

Remember, happiness is a choice.


It is a challenge, a decision each day to stay focused and not let anything get in the way. We need to practice everyday, believe that each day is a new day to begin anew. A new day to make things happen.

Believe that you can indeed change and make a conscious effort (especially at first) to forget and forgive. If something untoward happens, then let it go. Take a deep breath and begin again. You may not succeed each day, but if you agree that each day is a new day to start again, then you can believe that its okay to start again.

That's the very important first step... BELIEVE YOU CAN, BELIEVE ITS OKAY TO START AGAIN.

Start today ^_^

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