Saturday, July 18, 2015

Thoughts To Ponder

Well, nothing is constant in this world right? And that holds true for my emotions as well. It's been a roller coaster of ups and downs and loops too!

My mind is still stressing, my heart is still hoping and overall, I'm still on the positive here but yea, not everything is going smoothly as I hoped...

Finances are still bothersome, but we're working on it. I am praying that everything goes according to plan and I'm still hoping to find that one special niche where I can make good money... so far, everything I tried has a been a bust... perhaps it's time to go looking in other places, other opportunities.

Maybe, I'm grasping here and for now just hoping to grasp one good one... LOL
There are somethings on my mind that is hovering but so far, I'm still at a loss on how to start. Maybe its just procrastinating or maybe just lack of focus, I'm not sure. It might also be lack of funds. hahaha.. there are some start ups I want to do but funds are scarce and most start ups require some bit of cash before it can go anywhere. Who know.. God works His miracles in mysterious ways and perhaps I can find those much needed funding in places I didn't think was possible. I still believe that God moves in mysterious ways only He can understand. As I have learned, when God calls you just follow.

I want to go something productive, lucrative even, but I also still want to be able to help others and do what God wants me to... tough ei? maybe but I know one of these days I will make it. I will get there in time, through God's grace I will find that one special niche I have been looking for all my life...


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