Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Lost In Thought

I sit here, staring at my monitor,
hoping for some epiphany...

I sit here, with my thoughts to keep me company
Random thoughts swirl around my mind
Always trying to look for the solution
To wash away my tears goodbye

At times I smile, but deep in inside I cry
For all the broken promises
Of paradise that never came

I know I have to come and accept the facts
Or wallow in self-pity all my life

I choose to find peace within myself
I choose to be happy
Forgive and forget

But at times like these,
When I'm alone with my thoughts
My mind plays with the what ifs of life
Toys with ideas only accommodated by the subconcious

I look at my life
And I know I'm blessed,
There are others who don't have half of what I have
Yet here I am,
Hoping, craving for more

Perhaps one day
I may find solace in the thought
that others have had a harder life
Perhaps one day
I will find my own peace
And say finally I am truly happy

1 comment:

Virgilio F. De leon Jr. said...

My friend it is all too human to want more...and yes for things to be better as well. I understand you. However we are where we are supposed to be.

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