Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Writing Just for the Love of It

For so long I have written for profit... Even for this blog, I would write posts with profit in mind, even as I type the words, I am hoping that the post will have a lot of views so that I can earn some money, I join plenty of writing sites with the idea of earning from the post.... I feel like I have forgotten to write just for the sake of writing... something I have always loved to do. I love to create poetry and let my feelings flow because it was all about keywords, LSI and SEO...

Well, yea, for the longest time, that's what I did and slowly but surely it ebbed the life out of me... juiced all the creativity out and what's left is nothing but a technical mind with the hopes of getting something out of it.

I decided that I will write and write what I want to totally without a care if I will earn from it or not, this time I will dig out the creative in me and hope that my writing will be more about letting my feelings show, letting the inner me come out and shine and I will stop writing to earn but rather write just for the sake of it, for the love of it and for the vision in my mind of what can be...

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