Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Leaving It All Up To God

Okay, so I'm stressing out again... budget is yet again tight... so its a challenging month yet again, opportunities I have grabbed haven't materialized as of yet, so its getting a bit cramped when it comes to the budget.

Money I have lent to a few people, plus commissions from various endeavors have yet to be filled as well. Its not easy but I know we'll get there soon enough.

I'm praying to God to let me have some peace.. peace of mind... I pray that I find comfort in the fact that I know He is here with me through this challenging time, through this puddle I keep putting myself into... Rash decisions that keeps getting me fast to nowhere...

So now, I leave it all upto God, I leave it all up to Him to where this road takes me, I pray He guides me and strengthen me, my resolve to do better this time round and to finally, really find myself in the financial freedom I have been longing for, for sometime now.

I pray that God finally gives me the peace I have also been longing for, a calmness in the heart, peace within myself that has eluded for so long, I know not where this road will lead or even if I will stay in the path, but God's guidance, shelter and loving embrace I know fills me and I pray that my heart realizes the love God has for me and finally, finally settle down.

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