Tuesday, May 19, 2015

When Napping is A NO, No

If you're working from home then most probably, taking a snooze in the afternoon is not such a bad idea, more so if  you didn't get a good enough sleep the night before, but when you're a busy working mommy, napping in the office and pretending the boss ain't around is not such an easy deal. So when you're stuck in the office and you're fighting the urge to snooze, here a few tips on to keep your eyes wide open...

Tip #1 Watch Your Lunch

We may not realize it but eating a heavy lunch finishing off with a hearty sweet dessert can actually help trigger that drowsy afternoons for you. High carb foods will trigger melatonin production which in turns gets you drowsy. So its best to eat a low carb, high protein lunch, so you'll have more energy for your afternoon. A mid-afternoon healthy snack of fruit or whole-grain crackers will also be beneficial in boosting your energy for the rest of the afternoon

Tip #2 No Alcohols Please

Yes, a single bottle of that ice cold beer will not get you drunk but it will surely leave you feeling fatigued, so it's best not to indulge when you need to get back to work in the afternoon.

Tip #3 Limit Coffee

Yes, coffee is known to be an energy booster, but taking in too much can actually have the opposite effect. so it might be better to go for decaf or better yet, take water instead.

Tip #4 Move Around

After lunch, you might want to get your blood flowing, so taking the stairs if you're office is not too high up or getting off a few floors down from where you should actually be and take the rest by stairs. Stretching might also do the trick. Anything that gets you moving a little, it will help ward off fatigue

Tip #5 Get Enough Sleep

Nothing beats a good night's sleep, if you get enough sleep the night before, chances are you will not be sleepy the next day.

Okay, so those are just a few tips that you should take into consideration in order to alleviate the desire to nap in the afties.  But just in case you can, there's some benefit to getting in some power naps. It can help renew energy naturally but keep in mind to take everything in stride, naps are usually best for 30 minutes and anything longer than an hour can actually get you feeling even more drowsy and disrupt your sleep at night.

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