Sunday, May 03, 2015

Pacquiao vs Mayweather - The Aftermath

So yea, Manny Pacquiao lost and Floyd wins... But social media buzz shows how much a winner Pacquiao is despite his lost to Mayweather. They saw the dignity in which Pacquiao fought and their love for the Filipino boxer grew and respect for him heightened.

As for the Filipino people, we all know how they or we would react to the loss... Nothing new there, nothing to be surprised about. The memes about the fight is funny to say the least and you realize the people's sentiments on the fight.

I may be biased being Filipino and all but yea, I guess given the circumstances Pacquiao could have done better (lol, yeah he could have won) but I guess he's still the winner since money wise, it's all the same either way and he still captured the heart, not only of the Filipino people but the heart of many foreigners as well.

Looking back, there were certain things that he could and could not have done and well a rematch is perhaps out of the question given that this fight was a long time coming... and well, I think it is safe to say that the fight happened because Floyd saw that at this instance he could already beat Manny, since he has slowed down his pace incredibly what with becoming more focused on more things (political career, basketball and his new found fervor for God). I think if he fought Manny at the peak of Manny's boxing career, his win wouldn't have been possible.

Anyhows, it's all water under the bridge and the fight of the century, honestly didn't live up to all the hoopla. No spectacular bouts... No blood was shed or something of the sort ~you know what I mean... All that happened was a run around on the ring... Not something I think fans are hoping for. I think well, for my part at the most, we would have wanted an all out fight with the fighters exchanging blows and hitting each other thoroughly... that is what boxing is all about isn't it...

Well as I said, all water under the bridge and it's over now...

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