Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Caring For Your Oily Skin

Oily skin can really be embarrassing but fret not, there is a way to control them and allow you to have that flawless skin you've always wanted, yes, without that shiny forehead, you often hide within your bangs....

Hydrate with Mud
~ try hydrating masks like clay or mud masks, this helps infuse the skin with moisture, keeping them soft and supple, so they are firm and soft, but bear in mind that these masks needs repeat procedure to have any lasting effects

Warming It Up
~ Yes steam and sauna baths can help detoxify the body but extreme heat can actually do more damage than help, so be careful how often you go to the spa to use these facilities.  What is best for regular use is to use warm water when cleaning your face. The warm water can help open the pores to facilitate cleansing and remove those unwanted oils. You can finish up with cold tap water to close the pores if you want.

No to Astringents
~ It is better to use toners with antioxidants, this will help clean your skin without stripping off too much oil that can leave your skin drier than you would like it to be. The astringent's alcohol can also be harsh on the skin and the transient tightening it provides can  be damaging to the skin.

Choose Your Cleansers
~ Soap is one of your options when it comes to cleaning your face but it is advisable to use soap substitutes as soaps can dehydrate the skin and take out the skin's natural barriers and allow for infections and other damage to occur within the skin level.  Soap-free cleansers are the most beneficial as they clean the face thoroughly yet doesn't strip the skin of all essentials thus allowing the skin to thrive.

Choose Your Cosmetics
~ Here's the bitter truth... no one make up is suitable for every skin, even if the manufacturer claims 100 percent allergy free or even if it has been skin tested, so you should pick the best one that suits your skin the best. Here are some basics though. Oil based makeup lasts longer and wears better but may produce acne, water based makeup is lighter and may need touch ups every now and then

Baby Powder Doesn't Reduce Oil
~ No matter what anybody says, baby powders are a good camouflage but they do not reduce the oil in the skin. They tend to absorb the oil but they are still on the face.  It is not really an effective means to reduce the oil in the face.

Don't Blame The Food
~ Indeed, a number of magazines and even books asks you to reduce intake of fried or oily food to reduce oily skin but truth of the matter is, it doesn't really affect it, same way that if you have dry skin, you cannot eat your way towards getting it oily.  Yes, eating healthier is always a good habit but it will not help relieve oily skin all on its own.

Oily skin is more often than not a genetic predisposition, you either have it or you don't and if you do, all you can do is take steps towards cleaning it up. So take steps to ensure that you clean your face well and choose carefully what you put in your face so you can avoid dull looking skin as well as those unsightly acne.

But here's a good note for those with oily skin, it tends to get age better than dry or normal skin plus it doesn't wrinkle as easily as well. So your disadvantage today might be your great advantage tomorrow.


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