Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Becoming Good Stewards of God Blessings

Now, what a title right?

But yeah, this is what I'm trying to learn these days... becoming a good steward for God's blessings. I realized that I am so blessed that I am able to work at the comfort of my own home. Although, I didn't plan it, didn't think that this is where life will lead me, but here I am.

Right now, budget is still tight and there are still a few debts that needs to get paid and there are still a lot of things I'm yearning to grab a hold of and yea, there are still times when I feel the frustration of the incoming bills get to me, I pray so relentlessly for God's outpouring of blessing so that I may pay my bills, pay my debts and have enough money for the luxuries of life, and when I don't I sorta ask God why He is not blessing me...

Then in one of my daily devotions and prayers... something amazing dawned on me...

I was blessed and I am continuously being blessed... but why am I not feeling it? Because I WASN'T A GOOD STEWARD.

When money comes, I am... I was a one day millionaire, everything penny would be spent on unimportant stuff, we would go out, have coffee at Starbucks or eat out, buy whatever strikes my fancy at that time, whether its for me, my hubby or my kids... stuff like that... Oh no, that's not forbidden, but I realized that as long as I have money in my pocket, I spend it and I spend it all until there's nothing more, then I would realize, that I haven't paid this or that and yea, I would pray, oh no... God, I don't have the money to pay for whatever, but in truth, God already gave the payment I just didn't pay the bills but bought something else instead...

This is such a revelation to me, and now I'm realizing that I should start paying attention to where I'm spending my... our money in.. or else I will find myself always falling short of the budget come month's end and whatever I want to do in the future... a good retirement fund.. vacations... car... and even a new home.. will never come to pass, if I keep wishing for a big cash windfall (e.g. lotto win or something to that effect) that I should start to take care of the blessing I already have and learn to value it the right way and learn to spend it wisely... becoming not only a good but a GREAT STEWARD OF GOD'S BLESSINGS.

Oh, I am still a long way from becoming a great steward but I hope with this realization, I will get there in time and with God's guidance I may find myself finally in the upper positives when it comes to our finances and finally be able to live the life God so want to give me


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