Friday, March 06, 2015

A Jumble of Thoughts at Night

Here is the result of a restless night when I want to sleep and know I can't...  Maybe it's just all angst of pent up emotions that can't seem to bubble on out, might be something even deeper but indeed it's a release and a belief that a better tomorrow is coming...

My heart is filled with sorrow
My heart is full of despair
I pray that my heart heals and find its happiness
I pray that my heart finds solace in the knowledge that God is there.

My yes fill with unshed tears
Longing for something, I can't even name
My mind knows but my heart still yearns
My mind says its okay but my heart says it still hurts

Sometimes I look to the sky and ask the heavens
For the peace I so longingly seek
For the joy I earnestly yearns

With each passing day I fear
that my strength is not enough
that my will power isn't strong enough
that I might just suddenly give up

My eyes want to cry
My lips just want to shout
But who will wipe my tears?
Who will listen to my shouts?

In the still of the night, I call on God
hoping he listens, hoping he hears
hoping that even though I don't deserve it
he'll give me one more chance

In the still of the night, I yearn
for dreams to come true
for hopes to spring eternal
for life to finally move on up

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