Thursday, February 12, 2015

Working in The MLM/Networking Industry

I have been in the networking industry full time for a little over 2 years now and I have found some measure of success here, although I'm hoping to succeed a little bit more... I know there's still a lot of success that's waiting for me to grab on to... so I am working towards grabbing it sooner rather than later and I know I can make it, all in God's good time...

I learned a lot working around the networking industry but perhaps the most basic would be to stay and keep positive, indeed a big challenge for me since with all the challenges that abound.. well it's hard to stay on the plus side at times, but yea, I'm trying..

Networking is a challenge in itself since a lot of people specially in my country has been burned. so inviting people even just to listen to what you have to say is sometimes difficult, but yea, I'm still here and still trying and still hoping to make it big... Who knows... I might make it one day soon and I'll laugh myself silly on my way to the bank about this silly little hurdles I thought was insurmountable then..

Well, let's hope that one day I do find my success... and hope that one day I will find my own niche in this world and be my truly happy self

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