Friday, February 27, 2015

What a Blog!

I just realized that this blog is fast becoming for me a ranting arena...

Lately I'm having a challenging time finding ways to try to look positively at something so negative for me.
I'm trying to be more positive but sometimes circumstances get the better of me and I find myself at the losing end of battling with my temper and what can I call it? sadness? perhaps... anger? or perhaps because I really can't vent all these emotions to the people they're supposed to go to, I hold them inside until I'm just about ot burst.

I really am trying to be positive here and show this blog as something that helps me release all those baggages that carry my weight down. I'm not sure I'm making any sense, but for now, really I just want to type what's on my mind and let it all be a jumble to be sorted out later, I never thought that ranting was me, but looking through I realize I am. ha! a great discovery.

My temper has always been the bane of my existence I think, more often than not, when I fight with it, I end up on the losing end. I don't want to, I want to be able to control it, but I'm deeply emotional and it's really something that pisses me off. I want to try to be a calmer person, more rational but darn, isn't it hard!

So I guess this blog has allowed me to vent and allowed me the avenue to somehow lessen the burden of anger that can't come out, a product of emotions repressed and suppressed.  I'm hoping that as this goes on, slowly but surely I can find something to make me happy, some good news to perk me up, something to make me giddy, a surprise that's really one or perhaps my greatest hopes coming true, dreams getting fulfilled and a longing finally getting  it's fruition.

let's all hope and pray that one day, all of these will come to pass and a bright sun shiny day will finally come to pass...

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