Monday, February 02, 2015

Am I Good?

I have never thought myself to be good, but I'd like to say I do good things...

I am not perfect, I have my flaws, weaknesses but that doesn't stop me from trying to do good. My temper will always be hot and at times that very temper saves me, saves me from going insane, and it is a flaw I have learned to accept of myself, I try to curve it often and sometimes I am successful other times not so.

I try not judge lest I be judged and yet people, even those closest to me, seems to pass judgement without ever hearing my side. It hurts and the sad thing is, often, I can't even let them know. so I remain in myself, pain cooped up, so as not to stir controversy. I have learned to shut my mouth especially when my opinions will sting but that doesn't refrain others from lashing out their own, even when the wound it creates doesn't draw blood, but cuts deeper than the longest swords, and the pain can last for a very long while.

I have often said that, "be careful what words come out of your mouth, because once they are out, you can never take them back." Oftentimes, I let what I want slide away just because I know that there are other things that takes precedence, priority. So does it make me such a bad person to give myself something once in a while, a treat for a job well done? For everything I do, I do for my family, isn't it just fair that I give myself a break from time to time?

I know that my journey is far from ending, there's still a very long walk ahead, plenty of dreams to reach, responsibilities to take care of, more than enough challenges to overcome but I lay my hope in God, that I will get through them one by one... There a time for everything and all those things will be accomplished in God's own perfect time.

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