Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Salute

Today is Mother's Day... on my fb page, greetings abound and my greetings abound as well... As today the family celebrates mother's day let me put my two cents in...

I have been a mother for almost 12 years now, a mom to one for almost 4 years then to two since then...I have my ups and downs, challenges only a mother can and will face.  I have struggled to be the best mom I can be, cried many tears and laughed many laughs... with my kids, for my kids and because of my kids but I have surpassed them all and always finds joy whenever I see them.  They are far from perfect and so am I but we manage to keep it together without unraveling at the seams.  My kids are my life and I am darn proud of them.. They are my greatest achievement and I love them with everything that I am.

There are times when I wanted to give up and let go but my love for my children and my family keeps me holding on and holding strong. We are not a perfect family and we face many challenges along our path but our faith in the Lord and our love for each other keeps us going strong and going steady, holding on to each other amidst the many challenge we face.  Life is but a challenge I say and it is up to us how we deal with what life throws our way and up to us to treasure and cherish what we deem to be valuable in our lives. 

To my children, 

Mommy can have a temper sometimes, I get frustrated whenever I see you commit mistakes, coz you know I only want what's best for you and when I see you do wrong, it ticks me coz I know you are better than that. I know I can sometimes be sour or look like I swallowed a bitter pill but please I do hope that you know that I love you and no matter what comes out of my mouth sometimes, my love for you will never wane, I am so proud and happy that you are my children. Please forgive me for any sour words I may have uttered in anger and I promise to try to do better next time. I am sorry if I hurt you with those words and I hope that you will forgive me. As I have mentioned many times before, you will commit mistakes, and the I'm sorry's and forgive me will never cease, lest you will not learn, but whatever happens mommy and daddy will always be here for you, to help you get up should you fall and help you dust off your pants to start anew. That there is nothing you can do that can take away mommy's love for you and that there is nothing you can do for me to forget that you are my children and I will give my life for you. But I pray that you will learn from your mistakes and learn to be better individuals in the long run. Thank you for your patience with mommy when she feels down and thank you for loving me too even if I know sometimes I feel like I don't deserve it. 
I love you both very much and after all is said and done I think that is what really matters. 

On this mother's day, I post a challenge to all mother's out there to constantly seek to be the best parent you can ever be, I know it can sometimes be challenging especially when the children starts to get rowdy or naughty, but we are the best chance they have for them to grow up to be the best they can be and attain their highest potential.. whether you are struggling or have your head way above water, let us continue to be an example to our children and let our love for them overpower everything else. Let us remember that they are just children and that they will stumble and even fall as they journey through life, let us be the first to help them get up instead of being the first to berate them for falling.  Our children will make mistakes, we will cry, laugh, even get mad at them for everything they do but in the end we are their mothers and we will be forever blessed by their presence in this world. Let us let them feel this overpowering love and let them realize that no matter what, we their mothers will always be there for them regardless of the circumstance. 

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