Monday, May 06, 2013

Be Careful With My Heart - The Charm of the Series

I have been following this series for a while now and I'm still enjoying the banter between the stars... But something boggled my mind a bit.. the show isn't really spectacular, there are no big dramas or big secrets to be revealed at an opportune time,  it is just a simple story about a small town girl who went to the big city in hopes of fulfilling her dreams... nothing much really... but I think that's the charm of the series... Be Careful With My Heart really is just a simple story.. no such a small world theory where the son of the characters fell in love with the villain's daughter or no secrets that come between the characters, the story though it may seem like a fairy-tale is just a day to day occurrence where most people can relate to. Be Careful With my Heart tackles "ordinary" day to day of ordinary people with no extraordinary secrets... and I think this is the secret to the series... it's very light and at the end of the show, you just feel good... no heavy stuff to ponder on, like oh, when will she find out that her friend is out to get her or when will she find out that this person is playing her or that the person she trusts the most is actually the villain.. nothing so sinister, just a good old fashion love story, no mysteries, no over dramatization, no heavy topics, no twists, no complications...

I hope that the show stays that way... Yes, eventually they will have to end the show so the story will have to have an end somehow and many viewers will of course be sad that the show ended or that shows producers will want to continue to extend it but if it means that they will complicate the story with twists and such, I hope they won't do it.. I hope they preserve the show as it is right now... no twists, no complications, just a good old feel good story that has captured the heart of many audiences all over the world...

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