Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pope Benedict Resigns

It was a shocker for most Catholics.. the pope has resigned!

An announcement was made, the pope was resigning... I cannot believe it.. at first... but when you analyze it carefully perhaps there is some merit to it...

Pope Benedict XVI resigns

According to history, although not really practiced, it can be done for one... the last pope who resigned was Pope Gregory XII in 1415 and he did this to end a conflict...

Now, according to him, his advanced aged, he is 85 years old, and failing health forbids him to continue to being the pope that the responsibilities of the focal position may perhaps be too much for him.

As this is not the norm, I think the Catholic Community is still in shock and can hardly believe this event.  Although our concerns are with the pope, for him to stay healthy and well, we are concerned that there might be something else that they may not be revealing, although Vatican spokesman said that he is not in any imminent danger.  The pope's brother also revealed that he is wanting more rest.

In my own opinion, I think the stress of the position weighed down on the pope and perhaps he had a hard time fulfilling blessed Pope John Paul II's shoes... The pope he succeeded was a well-loved and well-liked pope, he was such a charismatic person that may loved him and honestly speaking, Pope Benedict doesn't seem to have this oozing charisma... At a glance, he seemed like a strict person, aloof, reserved... I cannot say exactly if this is how he is in person, since I didn't have the honor of meeting him but this is just an observation from afar.

With this is mind, I think the Vatican will be in a rush (so to speak) to elect a new Pope more so with the incoming Lenten season, I think they will have to elect a new Pope, if the current pope doesn't change his mind about resigning or if his resignation can be effected at another time, to allow the celebration of the Lent without hitches...

As a Catholic, I'm am saddened that this happens, especially with the Holy week coming soon and questioning.. the Papacy is not a responsibility taken lightly, I know in my heart that Pope Benedict knew what he was getting into when he accepted the position and I believe that he has God's blessing when he entered into it.  Now that he is resigning or resigned, what ramifications does this have for the Catholic Community. will there be any effect for the regular Catholic? Should or would the faith of the church be rocked even slightly by this move?

God moves in mysterious ways...I know that God has a purpose for this and despite the sadness, fear, and even doubt, some Catholics will face with this turn of events, I know that we can turn it around and make it better and see the goodness in this move by our Pope.

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