Saturday, September 22, 2012

What is SWA

Supreme Wealth Alliance (SWA) Ultimate is making waves in the affiliate/multi-level marketing arena. An established company with a successful track record of network marketing in Asia, SWA is now going GLOBAL with its Ultimate programme.

SWA Ultimate have introduced...

The Perfect Pay Plan System, a combination of 2 plans.

Firstly a 2 x 2 follow me dynamic matrix. Provide a very quick return on investment. With only 6 other people in your matrix, you will earn $70 or $90 immediately. Free re-entry into a new matrix every time you complete any matrix. None of your direct referrals can ever jump over you. So if you refer in a superstar who completes matrix's before you, their new matrix will build in an open position in your current one. Spillover & Spillunder.

Then a 3-Up Pass Up. This pay plan that has the largest infinity potential. Get $20 payments from your pass ups down to infinity.

Product is a Wealth Library. Over 1000 items, digital ebooks, audio and video training, in business and personal development/hobbies. Downloadable fonts and scripts plus many other things. Some of the ebooks even have resell rights for us and already have sales pages build for us.

SWA Ultimate wants to level the playing field for anyone interested in making a serious living in a Home Based Business.

Here are some of the benefits of this amazingly simple plan …

* Immediate "Fast Pay Out" No waiting for weekly or monthly payments.
* Fast moving Dynamic Follow Me 2 X 2 matrix
* 3 Up Pass UP paying to infinity
* Daily Payments
* Low, Low One Off Payment of ONLY $55
* No Monthly Auto-Ship Qualifications
* No Monthly Admin Fee's
* Global Opportunity - Numerous ways of paying in and out
* FREE Company Replicated Website Hosted FREE Too!!!!
* Uncapped and unlimited income

The company's mission is to make this opportunity affordable and accessable to everyone where ever they are in the world. We believe it's important for you to be in PROFIT as soon as you can be.


watch the video presentation here:

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