Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Another One Goes Down The Fraternity Hazing Drain...

It's early morning and I'm checking the news to see if there are classes since the rain is pouring and what news am I confronted with? Another San Beda law student dies due to "severe beating", and of course, we are not stoopid, to not realize that this is another hazing victim. And to realize not a year has passed since a hazing victim died in the hands of fraternity masters, Marvin Reglos, also a law student from San Beda died of hazing injuries just a few months back... Oh my, honestly when will we learn, will we ever?

I understand the need for "brotherhood", the need to feel that you belong, but should this be at the risk of life? I really cannot fathom why the need to hurt is so rampant among fraternities. I know that there is a need for an "initiation" before you can join a fraternity, but should it really be physical pain or beating? isn't there a more humane way to do this? A way where you don't risk life? I hope that people will realize the value of life and that they will not just so recklessly snip it.

Marvin Reglos and now Andrei Marcos, who will be next? How many more lives need to be sacrificed in the name of brotherhood? And how many more lives need to be sacrificed before we realize the futility of this exercise?

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