Sunday, March 25, 2012

Another Set of Random Thoughts

It's been a while since i wrote here. I've been busy, tired, lazy and whatever else you can think of as an excuse not to write, that's me.

So what has been up in my life lately... nothing much... LOL

No I've actually been busy with work. Trying my best to be what my boss needs. I try but maybe, I'm not sure, maybe it's not enough.

I feel like he's been asking for too much from me and I really am not sure where I need to put myself in. I can consider myself close to him but I'm not sure that he feels the same way so I'm just in between right now, on the verge of wanting to give up and seek for a new position and on the other hand wanting to stay and see what everything will lead up to.

I have prayed so hard for this and still praying. Hoping that the Lord will guide me through the right decision for me.

So far, I'm getting stressed with the little intricacies that he wants me to fulfill but trying to live up to the challenge and trying to show him that I do my work during the time allotted. My goodness, I am far from perfect and I know that as hard as I try I can never be perfect, so if he's looking for that perfection I cannot give it to him but if he wants someone who tries her best and gives 110% of herself to the work, then that is who I am. I hope he can take into consideration all the things I do for him and not work on trying to see all my mistakes and taking note of each of them.

In that regard I am quite dissatisfied with the work but again I try my darndest and I know I do.. I just hope that he will realize that and realize all that I do and appreciate me for that...

Can I really expect that from my boss? Hmm... maybe not... maybe it's just wishful thinking that I found a great employer who understand his staff and appreciates them for all their work... well... I know I'm lucky to have him as my boss but with the changes that's getting implemented.. I don't know what anymore.. I just hope that I can live through it and come out standing

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tom holland said...

You tell your boss Cynthia that Aidan Sharkey said he is a very lucky man to have someone of your dedication, skill and beauty to work for him. Love your writing.

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