Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sleep, Where Art Thou?

Sleep evades, even now as the clock ticks to morning my eyes refuse to shut, refuse to give me the rest I sorely need.  A case of insomnia? Maybe. I fear that financial woes got me again... The Christmas holidays is fast becoming a memory, but the pain it bestowed upon our pockets can still be felt, deeply in fact.

Life is not easy and so is money, but Christmas is Christmas and kids still expect a trinket or two for their gifts. Actually we were a little stingy this year, not giving out presents really... We just gave presents for the kids, for our god children and no one else... unlike the past years when we've given everyone a trinket or two.  This year maybe because of the new car and the expenses we incur because of it, we have decided to have a little stringy Christmas, which may also be good for us, as we tend to splurge during these days.  I'm happy though, that the kids are still beaming with joy from their gifts, so in that sense, I am quite satisfied but well spending does have it consequence and we'll salary is a bit late coz my boss is on a holiday.. hahaha.. but we'll make it I know.. somehow I know God makes a way and we seem to be able to get by...

But well, admittedly I am a worry-wort and being one, well, I tend to worry over these things. I cannot help it. I cannot help but worry that we won't have enough to cover the bills and I know I sometimes worry too much. I know God will provide, He always does, but well, as I said I'm a worry wort, so worry I must.. Well, now that I have "unburdened" myself, I hope that sleep will finally come, that I may give my weary body some R & R, a much needed break from it all... Oh when will it all end?

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Virgilio F. De leon Jr. said...

Insomnia is my friend so I can't really complain about it....

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