Sunday, December 04, 2011

Piolo Pascual, KC Concepcion and My Own Two Cents

This week have been a-buzz with news of the celebrity couple Piolo Pascual and KC Concepcion's break up.  Some says it was inevitable, some say they knew it. Some said how sad, while others rejoiced. In the end, a relationship was broken and people got hurt. Well, just like any relationship that ended it is indeed sad. Sadder because everyone wants to dip into their personal pie, especially with celebrities like them.

In my opinion, well everyone is entitled to one, we should just keep out of it.  We can all have our speculations as to why they broke up. Again others deem, it was Piolo's sexual orientation, even though, nothing was really said, nothing was really explained, though some care to put words into KC's mouth and choose to read between the lines, choose to interpret words said to put it as such.  It is indeed sad and Piolo's gender seemed to again be questioned.  But in the end, what really happened is that someone got hurt and keeps on hurting because we chose to hurdle accusations and tried to justify what cannot be justified.

They broke up, it happens to all of us, celebrity or not.  Whatever the reason, it is theirs to keep and we should just be sad about a beautiful couple choosing to part ways.  It is not easy, it is never easy going through what they are both going through right now. Let's not put salt over the wound by making it a big hoopla. Let's just let them live their lives, for tomorrow, another more worthy news will come out and everything will be forgotten, that is until the next chapter in this saga unfolds...

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