Wednesday, September 14, 2011

On Shamcey Supsup and The Miss Universe 2011 Pageant

Shamcey, Miss Philippines - Universe 2011 placed 3rd on the Miss Universe Pageant held yesterday.  Well, yeah people, particularly pinoy's were disappointed by the outcome, many felt she deserved to win, many felt that she deserved a higher rank because well as everyone has pointed out, she's the only one who didn't call for an interpreter, when we know that all those contestants knew how to speak English, albeit perhaps not entirely fluently but as a commenter once put it, all the other contestants have the chance to think about their answers as the interpreter interprets what they say, so they can formulate in their heads what to say next.

Shamcey answered from her heart and direct to the point.  No second thoughts and no second guessing what she said.  Perhaps her only mistake is that she didn't elaborate on her answer. No hoopla, no extra thoughts, she answered the question and that was it, it was actually a very good answer, although this may not be what many would say is the "popular" answer, maybe this is why she didn't win.  They were hoping she'd say that she will change her religion in the name of love or something like that. 

Well, Miss Angola is actually a very beautiful young lady and I know that her countrymen are proud and well, no matter how we look at it, she won and Shamcey only placed 3rd, so well better luck next time Philippines ^_^

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