Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Manang Beth and Her Cancers

Hahaha.. I caught you with the title right?

Well, my sister in law, has always been blessed, she is blessed with a family that loves her, a mom that dotes on her, a good job that allows her to help out the family, a good set of friends that is always there to support her, and now she has been blessed with not one, but several cancers that will change her life forever.

She told me once that she has always been "bukulin", she has lumps all over her body that grows everywhere... But it never really has been a problem, well until now that is.  One of those lumps, the ones in her ovaries turned into the dreaded "C word", and well it didn't want to be lonely so invited a neighbor who lived in her liver and another one in her lungs.  But well, we cannot let them live in her for long of course, so she had to have an operation... and so she did and now she's in the hospital recuperating from this bout of operation, and readying herself for a bout of chemo, knowing Manang Beth, she will be up in no time...

We can't accept the thought of anything else, so we pray everyday, pray hard that she'll be okay, that's she'll be back to her usual self, that everything will be alright.. there's nothing else we can accept, nothing else we are willing to think about..... So with God's help I know we'll all pull through this...

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