Thursday, June 02, 2011

Globe's Impeccable Customer ServicE!


How I wish, right? Anyone who ever has a problem with their Globe Connection, whether it is for cellphone, internet or whatever you will surely be in for a treat of your lifetime.... hahahaha.... So if you need to go to Globe be ready to spend at least 2 hours waiting in line and that's on a good day.

I wish they'd really just step up their processes... sometimes the long wait is because their process is quite tedious.  The time it takes for a person to get approved for the line as well as the time it takes to release the phone takes a lot of time. It really is very frustrating for many of us who have chosen Globe as our provider.

I remember a time we went to Globe trinoma, we waited for 2 1/2 hours to talk to a customer service person only to be told that they cannot process our application.  You see we have a business line at Globe and it turns out they only cater to personal applications. They don't cater to business lines there.  But it seems that the guard who gives out the number is not aware of this and as such, he just directed us to the customer service.  It would have saved us a lot of time, if from the get go we were informed that our application cannot be processed there, right?

I just hope that one day they can and will up their services. Outside of this customer service nightmare, globe is still my choice for mobile networks, I just wish that they realize how poor their services are if you need to see them for anything

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