Monday, May 09, 2011

Another Day For Eating

It seems that Trinoma is fast becoming a loved place for us...

Another relaxing, another food place to try out at Trinoma.  Cafe Breton was our next stop. 

 Just snacks and some cold drinks to cool the afternoon. I had something that has toast, chicken and some tasty sauce and my hubby had a burger.

He also had chocolate something something while I had the same in caramel. It was delicious, I wouldn't mind going back to that place. 

Well of course another bout of smoking session, I think perhaps my hubby  is looking forward to these trips especially because he is allowed to smoke in front of me... without repercussions... Hmm.... perhaps thats the main reason he always agrees to go, even though its quite expensive, to always be going out... that's thought to ponder....

But eating delicious food is always a pleasure, a quick bite and a sip from these cool concoctions can really make your day. So it's a wonderful time to check out the rooftop of Trinoma, as I fondly call it, see the sites, it is a beautiful place to hangout in since there are trees and a flowing river like body of water that makes the place tranquil and relaxing if only the people there would stop talking! hahahaha...

But indeed places like Shomal, Cafe Breton and even Starbucks really makes for a good place to hang out and enjoy the company of friends, colleagues and even your loved one.

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