Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Ten Years and Counting....

April 6, marks our 10 wedding anniversary... Oh my how time flies....

I have never been the perfect wife nor my hubby the perfect husband.  I use to remember days when we will fight and I would feel like it was the end of our relationship.  I remember when I would walk out and just want to leave, but I never did... Sometimes he'll stop me, sometimes I'll stop myself.

I love my husband and its a cliché but I do love him more now than ever before.  Our love has mellowed down yes, unlike before when groping and grabbing seems to be the norm. Now, we are happy to be sleeping together, sometimes having the chance to do much more than sleep ;), sometimes just enjoying each others company and falling asleep knowing the other one is just a reach away.

Our relationship has indeed grown stronger and more stable as time goes by.  As the years past and we grow older, I just have one fervent prayer, that our love stays as strong and sturdy as time weather's our bodies.  And when the time comes for us to leave this earth, I pray that we will go together, no one allowed to grieve for the other, both of us stuck to each other for eternity...

I love you mahal.

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