Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Signing Off For The Holy Week

It's Holy Wednesday and tomorrow starts the the real celebration of Holy week as it's Maundy Thursday and as part of my 'sacrfice' for the lenten season.. No computer till Sunday... so I'm signing off for a little while... But for sure when I return I will have plenty of stories to tell...

I am not perfect nor do I wish to be but I'm willing to do my bit if it means I can prove that I too can do something....

I hope that one day people will learn to appreciate the goodness of the Lord and one day they may realize that He is just there for them even if they/we aren't!

Let's take this Holy Week to appreciate each other, appreciate God in his ultimate goodness of suffering, being humiliated and all that just to save us. We are not worthless to him.. We are not!

Thank you Lord, thank you for your infinite love that never cease no matter how bad we've become and no matter how stupid we are...

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