Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Running For Life - Part 2

Well as I've been telling you guys.. I've started running well jogging and walking.. hahahaha.. but its a start I know and I plan to keep this up for sometime yet..

Since I have had a hard time with my shoes. I decided to buy myself one.. If only for health reason's do I want to spend so much on shoes.. but it was well worth it.. running/jogging has never been easier with these shoes... the good thing as well is that when I take them off, my feet doesn't feel tired at all.  Yes, its a bit on the high side but honestly, it's all worth it... I love these shoes and I hate rubber shoes. I don't usually wear them but these shoes made me feel like I'm just wearing slippers and I can run at will on them. So I'm officially (again?) in love with my adidas climacool and well if you are planning on jogging for health I advise you get something like these babies and you'll surely love running as much as me.. =)

Update: We've been jogging daily for almost 2 weeks now. We've progressed from 2 rounds around the UP oval to 3 rounds (YEY!) Plan on increasing to 4 rounds soon but I really don't want to overdo it, I don't want to burn out early. So we'll as everything goes... Wish me continues luck :)

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