Monday, April 25, 2011

Run For Life

We started jogging everyday since Black Saturday and it has been a blast... Waking up early is not an easy task, especially for me who's been used to waking up at 9am or later... but the sacrifice is well worth it, I'm feeling a lot better, and I love how everything seems to be jelling...

Up Oval/Sunken Garden is indeed a wonderful place to jog.. You will find trees that shade your jogging path and there is a jogging path that will allow you to concentrate on jogging and not worry about the number of vehicles that can hit you.. you don't need to. the jogging path is there for you :)

I have blisters on my foot from having too tight fitting shoes, my legs ache from the strain its not used to, but I'm still happy.  And if I keep this up, I know I'll reach my target weight in no time... now, ain't that great????

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