Monday, April 18, 2011

Just Finished Evermore

Yes! I've finished reading Evermore: The Immortals.  

Warning Warning: Spoilers Ahead... so if you haven't read it yet perhaps you wouldn't want to read further... or perhaps you would.. well all up to you of course...  :)

Yes I believe I my lost my touch.  I wasn't able to predict what the end will be... I never predicted Ever will become an immortal. I didn't count on that.  I also didn't connect Damen to the first of the scene... I should have... I would have if I'd been the same old me immersed in books and books like before...

But this book enthralled me and I will get the next in the series and see where Ever and Damen goes from there.... What their immortal lives will be, just like I anticipate how Bella will become a vampire and how they will fight the Volturi, even though I'm just halfway done with the New Moon although I've seen the movies, it  is still a question to me and I read haste the 2nd book...

Hahaha... Good thing I watched the movie although like Harry Potter, there's a lot in the movie that has been merged or cut short or completely changed from the book... hahahaha... but I'm happy..I'm happy I'm reading, I'm happy I'm getting in touch with this part of my persona again. I will continue to press on with this idea and persist on being me, if only through reading.... 

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