Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Good Night To Party

My husband's High School Batch is the first batch to graduate HS from their school, Our Lady of Grace Montessori, and as such they are only a few in their batch.. only around 30 students all in all. Not a lot if you think of other prestigious schools with 30 students in one classroom only and they have around 8-10 classrooms in all... so around 100's of students graduating, but well, my husband was lucky that they were only around 30 in their class.... so that foster's a closeness that only they can have because of their little number. 

One of their classmates is based in Dubai and she is here on vacation and it was the perfect time to hold a reunion for them... Some friends were based in the US so they weren't able to come but those who are here in the Philippines made a real effort to see their old High School friends.

There were only around 10 of them, some brought their wives (like me!) and enjoyed the night with them.  it was a night of laughter and reminiscing for many of them and we just laughed along with them. It also gave me the chance to get to know my husband better... hahahaha... I discovered some things about him that I didn't know before.. lol

Eniweiz, it was a great night and we had fun... We were early at the request of one of his friends and we helped prepare a little.. new wave 80's music was playing.... and slowly the guys arrived, one brought cake, while another brought "dynamite" a concoction of long hot green pepper with a slice of cheese wrapped in lumpia wrapper, it was called as such perhaps because it was 'hot',  it was a good choice in accompaniment with beer.. Yummy.. while we brought Thai Chicken Salad and there were also some barbequed spare ribs as well as and some salad with a mango dresssing concoction from what dya know??? Conti's so I was sure it was good and it was... hahaha..loved that one!

It was delicious and we loved it so much.  A night of good camaraderie, good food, and good company... It was indeed a great night to party and a great night to spend with friends....

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