Saturday, February 05, 2011

Getting Back to Health

I have started and hopefully for good to start losing weight (again)
It seems that I'm always struggling, but heck what can i do, its just so hard to try to lose weight.

But I guess I have to work on it, simply because if I don't I'm bound to get an early death.. At my age, almost 36, I'm already taking medications for high blood pressure, something I don't really want to do. My doctor said that I might get to stop taking these meds if I can lose significant weight.

I don't want to take diet pills anymore since it really is hard to pick the right one that will help me lose weight healthily. I'd rather really just work on it, hard! Exercise and Diet. It's not easy. but i'm working on it and I hope that eventually (hopefully within this year) I can get back into shape and be fitter than I ever was!!!

Wish me luck!!!


Grace said...

Getting fit is really a hard task ... I also have the same struggle and until now, I'm still struggling (sigh!).

CaNdi said...

yes you said it.. its really quite hard to get fit.. it's always a struggle with so many tempations around... haaaaaay.... hope we can make it through this time round... =)

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