Monday, January 03, 2011


I have always believed in being fair and I have always believe that I try to play fair as much as I can but it doesn't necessarily mean that everyone plays the same way nor understand the true meaning of the word.

We are not a rich family, nor do I profess to be, I'm happy though that blessings from family members and windfall from a lot of sources often allows us some luxury in life that otherwise we will not have. For example the NDS my kids got, that i mentioned on another post didn't come from me or my hubby but from my mom who is working in Canada, it's her gift to her grandchildren. and I am very much appreciative.
Since it was the Christmas season, we were lucky to be able to gather up some amount to give to our god children, the kids at home and the give some gifts to some family members, We were even lucky to be able to give to our household help.

It just really pissed me off that some people demand so much is just so disconcerting to want more than what is given just because it is Christmas. If you are given 1 centavo, you should be thankful that you were given such and not ask, why just one and not 2 or 3... shouldn't we be thankful that we are given so much in life already... Good health, a roof under your heads, food to eat... unlimited opportunity to better yourself and a chance to become better... i think those are something that you should already be thankful for and not want much more...

Life is hard and it is not easy. I just hope that people learn to appreciate what they have and what is provided for them than constantly seek for more


Liza said...

Candi I can relate to this. I hate it when people expect too much from you, as if parang me patago.

CaNdi said...

Hi Liza,

We work hard for whatever we get in our lives and I hope that people will realize that we don't pick money off the floor and that we do work for whatever we get.

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