Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hubert Webb and Co Free....

After 15 years in jail and lost life, Hubert Webb and co of the famed Visconde Massacre walks free.
Supreme Court decides... so this means that there's no more appeal for the other side and well, not everyone believes that he is innocent, but not everyone believes that he is guilty either.

IMHO... it's really better to let go a guilty man than convict an innocent one..Truth to tell I think that the prosecution failed to prove beyond reasonable doubt that it is indeed them that did that heinous crime. yes, the possibility is there, but they didn't prove it. Their only witness is a known drug addict and her testimonials have too much loopholes to be considered credible...Goes to show how incompetent our justice system is and how our police can bungle up investigations... perhaps a challenge to the government to better train police and all investigative bodies to handle evidence better so that crimes like this one don't go unpunished or that the right culprits are sent to jail and how not to get swayed by public opinion into making an unjust decision.

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