Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Yesterday, the world it seems were glued to their screens not because of a sports event, a favorite movie, or even a beauty pageant, but because of real life unfolding right before their very eyes.

I too seemed to be glued to the screen as I see a lone bus surrounded by police. In the afternoon my mother-in-law noted to me that a fired policeman took hostage a bus, but since a few years back, the same thing happened although the hostage taker was not a policeman and nothing untoward really happened with the hostage taker freeing all his hostages after a little while.

But this time, at around 730pm, about the time when a favored tv series will be on, I saw that all stations were focused on the hostage situation. I said to myself, it's not over yet? AS the night wore on and with generally no idea what happened before I was shocked when shots were fired...

When the hostage taker fired at the police who were trying to get in the bus, I knew then that he will not be caught alive.

In this situation it really became evident to me how ill-trained the police were and how poorly they handled the situation. It is so easy to blame their superiors and call for the resignation of all those who are involved, but in my mind, I knew that no matter who replaces the position if the system remains to be a failure, failure will continue to happen.

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